Has your baby or toddler got you stumped when people ask what to get them for a gift? I know I’m the same way! My 16 month old son is blessed with multiple grandparents, family, and friends who have gifted him toys. He had his 1st birthday in July and received many things then. We also buy him many things as well. I want to share some ideas for gifts they probably don’t have yet that are both quality and educational items that would be perfect for a Christmas or Birthday list!


Lovevery offers play kits for kids ages 0-3 years. The items arrive together either every 2 or 3 months depending on the age. We have received 4 play kits now and I feel like each one gets better! They are grouped according to a specific age range and the toys are Montessori principal based. This means they’re all extremely practical and teach life skills. They are also quality made toys that can be played with for years to come and passed down to other kids. Each month includes a social story in the form of a board book. There is also always a puzzle and item(s) that work on gross motor skills. As a teacher, I love that everything is based on brain development research for the specific age of the child. I cannot recommend these play kits enough. They have free shipping and you can cancel at any time if you decide it’s not for you. This would be a great gift to suggest for a grandparent who wants to give your child something! We have gotten the babbler, pioneer, realist, and companion kits so far and they have exceeded our expectations! Click here to get 30% off with code: PLAYKITS30 #lovevery #loveverygift


My son received this for his 1st birthday and has had a blast using it! It’s another Montessori based learning toy. It has all sorts of different manipulative items to entertain and engage children. There are features like a xylophone, push light, plug in, locks, shoe laces, and more. It is a real life applicable toy that can be used to teach skills while allowing kids to have fun doing it! We got the large one but there are smaller sizes available. We just slide it in the closet when it isn’t being used but you can also mount it low on the wall for safe use or just lay it on the floor to use!


This toy can be used inside or outside. The sink runs using batteries and water you fill it with. It comes with plates, cups, and utensils your child can “wash.” We typically put it on the back porch and let him go to town with it! You could also place it in your bathtub without anything else in it in the cooler months to contain the water when playing.


The perfect wagon for around the neighborhood or on the go! It can support up to two people and a total of 150 pounds. It has a padded seat with seat belts to keep your little one safe at all times! There are also two cup holders for drinks. When you aren’t using it or need to transport then just fold it up!


It’s a bit of a splurge but this stroller and trike combination will grow with your child for years to come! It begins as more of a stroller with a handle for the adult, sunshade, seatbelt, and protective bar. Slowly over time it can be transformed to fit the child’s current level of independence in four separate stages through age 3. Folds and unfolds easily in seconds and can fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. We have loved ours! My son has had so much fun riding it. We will be taking it on a trip to Florida this March when we fly for my sister’s wedding!


This is a less expensive version of the Doona Trike. I don’t have personal experience with it but the reviews are great! It doesn’t completely fold up like the other trike is the only main difference I can see.


Hours if fun for them–maybe less for you if the balls get strewn all around your home! My son has kept them in there more than I thought he would be we still definitely pick up our fair share of them. We only let him play with it for a period of time before putting it up which helps keep it fresh and us sane!


We have been having fun in this for months! We hung ours outdoors but if you have a spot in your child’s room or playroom I would go for it. It’s very well made and padded with pillows. I feel very safe allowing him to swing in it and it’s been a great activity for us to do and get a little fresh air!


We are giving Turner one of these for Christmas but it hasn’t arrived yet! It can be used as an actual couch for children or you can configure the cushions and pillows into different set ups. Think professional fort building! The Nugget website and Instagram has tons of ideas of how to assemble them for different activities. They do took a while to ship and won’t make it in time for Christmas but if your child has a January or February birthday now is the perfect time to buy it!


Turner loved his Water Table all summer and into fall! You can also put sand in them instead. There are toys and accessories that come with it to keep your little ones entertained! We place ours on the back porch so he is shielded from the sun and it is a great warmer weather activity.


This is another Montessori concept toy. You can buy one piece or all three: climbing triangle, climbing arch, and/or slide/climbing wall.

I’m going to be sharing book and stocking stuffer ideas soon for children so be on the lookout for those posts! Let me know if there are anymore ideas you’re needing for the holiday season in the comments.

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