Family Halloween Costume Idea: The Greatest Showman

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the items linked in this post.) Last year my son was 3 months old and amidst COVID we wanted to dress up as a family even though we knew we wouldn’t really be going anywhere. One of our favorite movies is The Greatest Showman. I knew we could easily replicate a similar look as Zenya and Hugh Jackman’s characters in the movie. We chose to have Turner be an animal from the circus. The most coolest part of our 2020 family Halloween costume is that Zendaya actually shared our photo to our Instagram which means millions of people saw it! I still can’t believe that. Today, I’m sharing how we created each look on a budget if you are looking for a costume idea for your own family this Halloween.

My costume was all purchased from Amazon.[paid link] (Another option) [paid link] I wore a pair of white boots [paid link] I already had (two other good choices: here [paid link] and here [paid link]) and used a hula hoop [paid link] from my mom’s classroom as a ring. I’m fully aware not everyone would be comfortable in this costume but I danced for 15 years so I’m used to wearing leotards. You could always add a skirt if you prefer! The wig I had was not great quality and I would suggest something like this instead.[paid link] (One more option) [paid link] Of course you could always color your hair pink and style it as well!

My husband’s costume was partially items he already owned. The jacket [paid link] was purchased from Amazon. We borrowed the top hat [paid link] from my mom. He wore a dress shirt and pants with the jacket we purchased. He wore Jordans but dress shoes probably would have been a better choice! 

We found my son’s costume at Walmart on sale. He hated the headpiece and I’m surprised we even got a photo of him in it. Here is an affordable option [paid link] I found. You could also do other animals like an elephant, tiger, or giraffe. You can definitely go a step further and use face paint/stage make up [paid link] to match whichever animal you go with. If you have multiple children they could even each be a different animal!

I’m currently planning this year’s family costume. I’m not sure anything will top last year’s but I’m definitely going to try! What are you and your family being this year for Halloween? Leave me your ideas below in the comments!

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