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A gallery wall is a great addition to any room. I have created several that are very budget friendly. Today, I’m sharing how you can get great looking gallery wall on a budget.

First, decide where your gallery wall will be located. The empty space on the wall is very important in deciding how many pieces will make up your gallery.

Next, decide if your gallery wall will consist of symmetrical or asymmetrical pieces! This part is truly just a personal preference. I like both kinds but recently have only created asymmetrical gallery walls.

If you decide on a symmetrical gallery wall you will buy pieces that are the exact same size and shape. This can often be bought as a set which makes it easy! After you purchase your pieces for the wall you will arrange them on the floor before moving them to the wall. This saves you from extra nail holes that you don’t want! When you install a symmetrical gallery wall I would suggest using a measurement tool of some sort to make sure the prices are the exact same distance apart. Hang your pieces and you are done!

If you decide on an asymmetrical gallery then you need to decide what types of pieces will be used to make it. I love mixing prints, pictures and objects. There are no rules though so feel free to get creative! When choosing pieces for an asymmetrical gallery I like to make sure I have an odd number. I feel like this makes it balance much better. After choosing your pieces you will arrange them on the floor before installing them on the wall. It may take a few times of arranging to find a combination you like best. Once you have finalized your layout you will hang them on your wall.

One of my biggest tips is purchasing items from Hobby Lobby it Michael’s and to make sure you utilize a coupon. They always have discounts available and you can get a great deal on your purchase! Also don’t be afraid to use places like Amazon or Walmart to complete your gallery. You would be surprised at the quality of products for the price that they have to offer.

I hope you’ve found this tips for creating your very on gallery wall helpful! Have fun and make it your own. Screenshot the photo below to shop these items:



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