Guide to Less Chaotic Mornings

Raise your hand if you’re NOT a morning person! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I’ve never been one. I thought once I started working 7 years ago it would get easier. It unfortunately hasn’t for me. That’s why what I do the night before is my key to having less chaotic mornings. I don’t have children yet so if you do this might not necessarily work for you because I only have myself to get ready.

The night before

1. Pack lunch – I always bring my lunch so I make sure it’s packed the night before and ready to go in my fridge.

2. Check weather and lay out clothes – this saves so much time! I actually like to pick all my outfits for the week out on a Sunday night according to the weather and set them aside. I still look at the weather the night before to make sure it hasn’t changed. If it has I make adjustments to what I’m wearing. For example: adding rain gear or a winter coat.

3. Prepare coffee – I make sure my Keurig is ready to go with water, pods, and a mug!

4. Go to bed early – figure out what time you need to be up and count 8 hours back. That’s your bedtime. People think I’m nuts because I go to bed between 9:00-9:30 usually but I need my 8 hours of sleep!

The morning of

1. Set your alarm for 15 minutes before you need to be up – I like snoozing mine once because I can’t just pop out of bed on the first alarm. If you can then go for it! Set your alarm with something you don’t hate so you will not associate your alarm with something “bad.” For me it’s “Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles.

2. Complete your morning beauty routine – I basically just do a 5 minute face and brush my hair. Then I add my clothes.

3. Eat breakfast and drink coffee – I wouldn’t make it without eating! Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and makes you less likely to make bad choices throughout the day when eating!

4. Prayer and quiet time – I usually do this while I’m eating. Sometimes I’m rushed and I have to do it in the car but I make sure I connect with God before my day really begins. Truly makes a difference and when I don’t do it I can tell.

If I’m working out that morning I get up 30 minutes earlier and add that before I get ready. I’ve found that doing all of these things truly helps my mornings go smoother. What are some things you do to make mornings easier? I’d love more ideas! Leave me a comment below!



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