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Since moving I have found it hard to get back into my workout groove. I loved my old gym and the group classes they offered. I started lifting at the gym at the end of spring on my own but my new gym is older and does not have all the machines I am used to. I actually did not even work out at all for like a month and a half this summer between Italy and pure laziness. 8 weeks ago I decided to try a program on demand from Beach Body. I have never been an at home workout person ever but decided to give it a try! Also, quick note: I am not a Beach Body coach nor do I have any affiliation with the company at all so this review will be completely honest!



This is a 4 day a week weight lifting program. Each day focuses on a different muscle group with core at the end. Some days are HIIT, lifting only, or lifting with a burn out at the end. Each work-out is 30-40 minutes in length but I found if I did not rest as long between sets I could cut 5 minutes or so off the workout time if I was in a time crunch.



You only need minimal equipment: dumbbells and a mat. It also is a relatively short workout compared to most of the other Beach Body programs I looked at. The moves are easily modified if you need to! I never felt bored because each workout was completely different. If you do all 4 workouts in a week your entire body gets worked out. It is only an 8 week program which is a short time period commitment. I do felt like my arms got much stronger and more toned over the course of this program. You can do it from anywhere which makes you less likely to skip a workout.



I wish there were two leg days because my legs are so strong already that I felt I needed more work there. I wish the core exercises differed a bit more each workout. I did get tired of repeating some of them over and over.


Overall, I really enjoyed doing this program and researching which program to start next because I think for the winter I am going to be an at home workout gal. Hopefully this will help me not use the cold as an excuse not to get my sweat in! Are you thinking about doing LIIFT 4? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I’ll be glad to help you!




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