My Melasma Journey with Musely

Melasma is something that began showing up on my face in the late spring of 2018. I had never had it before. At this time it was concentrated on my upper lip area – talk about embarrassing! It constantly looked looked like I had a mustache but was literally just a highly pigmented area of skin. It seemed to get worse through the summertime and fade somewhat during the fall and winter months. The next year it came back with a vengeance. I didn’t understand because I wore SPF every single day even when I wasn’t leaving my house! I started wearing a hat every time I was out in the sun. It still didn’t go away or lessen. I tried many products and didn’t see much of a change.

When I got pregnant my melasma got much worse. It migrated from my upper lip only to my cheeks as well. Virtually the entire bottom part of my face was covered. (Pictured above and in the two photos below.) It was a source of stress for me because I was constantly looking for makeup products that could potentially cover it but they never did fully. I knew while I was pregnant I wouldn’t be able to try anything to treat it but I started doing research during this time. I found Musely through a group for people with Melasma. The before and after photos were truly unbelievable!

I started my Musely journey a few weeks after I had my son. I didn’t have high hopes considering nothing had worked for me in the past. (My before photos are pictured above and below.)

To begin my journey with Musely I downloaded the app on my phone and completed the questions and submitted my before photos. Soon, a dermatologist reviewed my skin concerns and prescribed me with a formula specifically for my face! I was given the Spot Cream to use nightly. I loved how easy the diagnosis process was and that I didn’t even have to leave my house. Extremely convenient with a newborn!

(Pictured above after 30 days of treatment with the Musely Spot Cream)

My prescribed Spot Cream came directly from Musely to my front door. I began using it nightly as directly right away. I didn’t change anything else about my skincare routine during my treatment. I washed my face as usual, used the Spot Cream, and moisturized before bed each night.

Personally, I did not experience any irritation on my face during my journey. It is possible though depending on your skin type. I began to see results especially on my cheek area a few weeks after beginning my treatment with Musely.

My results after 50 days are pictured above. All of my melasma on my cheeks is gone and above my upper lip has lightened so much! I am still continuing my treatment with Musely in order to listen the upper lip area even more. I love the ease of using Musely and the results I’ve seen. Don’t have melasma? You can still use Musely for other skin concerns like wrinkles, pores, or texture! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried anything to treat your Melasma and whether it worked or not!