4 Years Later: 10 Wedding Gifts We Actually Use

Four years of marriage has certainly flown by for us! One fun part of being engaged is registering. We registered at three places when we were engaged: Dillard’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Pottery Barn. Dillard’s was our main registry with most of our items due to one being located in our hometown which we knew many people would find convenient to shop. We had more practical items on the Bed, Bath & Beyond registry. Pottery Barn had a smaller selection of home items and linens and since we don’t have one here it was online only. Today, I wanted to share 10 wedding gifts were use everyday even four years later.

  1. Large step stool – I have personally used this quite a bit over the years. I’m 5’3″ so sometimes I need a little help reaching up high. We have also used it when painting rooms over the years. The one we received is extremely sturdy but folds up and can be stored virtually anywhere.

2. Electric wine opener – my husband and I both enjoy wine. I somehow cannot ever seem to open a bottle with a regular corkscrew. The electric wine opener makes it so simple and no cork in your wine glass!

3. Bath towels and washcloths – we registered for two different brands and colors of these. The Ralph Lauren ones are not as good of quality as the Wamsutta (BBB’s in house brand) to me personally. We ended up doing both white and grey. The grey didn’t wash well so I wish we had only done white. Here are the towels and washcloths separately.

4. High thread count sheets and quality bedding – we registered for all of our bedding from Pottery Barn for our Master and Guest bedrooms. I have used Pottery Barn bedding since high school and it is truly the best. We went with classic white with navy accent for our bedroom and all white for the guest room. We just now got a new duvet 4 years later to rotate since our original one has been through the ringer with two dogs sleeping in bed and being washed so many times.

5. Everyday plates and bowls – we went with Kate Spade and did a mixture of light blue and navy/white. Get a print or color you won’t grow tired of as you will literally be using it everyday.

6. Kitchenaid Mixer – we probably don’t use this as much as we would like but when we do it is truly amazing. It can do anything! I feel like it’s the type of appliance that will be still up and running 20 years from now.

7. Quesadilla Maker – this thing is so fun and easy to use! You can quickly throw together a quick lunch or dinner with the meat and/or vegetables of your choice.

8. Silver serve ware – We have about 8 pieces of silver serving ware and it may seem like something that’s not necessary. It’s really not but we have enjoyed getting it out to serve things in when we have guests. We use these pieces every time we are serving food and/or snacks. My advice with silver is not to go overboard but if you would like some then definitely register for pieces that are functional and can be used as you like.

9. Cast iron skillet – I am not the cook in my household. It’s actually my husband. He loves a good cast iron skillet and I feel like he can cook anything in it.

10. Bar cart – we actually didn’t register for the but were gifted it from our friends who hosted our couple’s shower. I have so much fun decorating it each month!

Above all else when registering have fun and but don’t think you’re gonna need 500 wine glasses or anything like that. Think practical and then add some things you like! Happy Registering!