Trend Spin Link Up – Ruffles & Frills

I can’t believe it’s already April! Spring is just flying by. I could certainly do without all the pollen but I sure do love the longer days and warmer weather! This week I’m participating in my first style link up with two other amazing and well established bloggers. Our theme just happens to be some of my favorite things: ruffles and frills! You can bet if something has a ruffle or bow my eye is instantly drawn to it. I just love girlie details like that!

I’m wearing this gorgeous powder blue maxi from WAYF Ruffle Maxi Gown from Nordstrom. I’m wearing small but do wish the XS had been available as I think it would’ve been a better fit for me. I lucked out and got this dress at half off. The regular price is a bit of a splurge but it’s well worth it.

I’m wearing this for my Easter dress but I think it would also be great for engagement photos or wedding guests! I also linked some similar but more affordable options in the app for convenient shopping. Shop my look




Walking in Memphis / The Fashion Canvas / When Pigs Fly


Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party Attire

This week we’re talking all about what you want your bridal party to wear on your special day! By now you should have chosen your color theme and will be able to work from that to select what everyone will wear.

Working with your color palette will help you decide what color or colors your dresses will be. My colors were black and white with a splash of gold accents in the decor. My bridesmaids wore black dresses from Show Me Your Mumu. They each chose the style they wanted so we ended up having four different styles total which I loved. You will need to decide if you want matching dresses or mismatched dresses which will be your personal preference! I loved the mismatched look for our laid back beach wedding and it allowed each girl to choose the dress she felt she looked best in. SMYM dresses were perfect because they’re made of wrinkle resistant fabric that allowed my girls to travel with them! Most of all I wanted them in dresses that they truly could wear again. I’ve heard from multiple girls that were my bridesmaids that they have indeed worn their dress again which makes me so happy!

The styles worn by my bridesmaids were: Kendall Maxi, Heather Maxi, Hacienda Maxi, and the King Crop + Ballgown Skirt. Let me know if you need help locating any of these! Many times you can find used ones on resale apps or websites. I purchased one in mint condition for a wedding for under $100 and was able to resell it after.

Places to find bridesmaids dresses under $200:


Places to find bridesmaids dresses under $100:

Our groomsmen wore back tuxes and bow ties with matching black and white Chaco sandals. Their tuxes were rented from JoS A. Bank This was very easy since they could pick them up where the lived or when they got to the destination and also return them there. My husband already owned his tux before our wedding but I would highly recommend it to any groom since he has worn it multiple times since then.

Our groomsmen wore back tuxes and bow ties with matching black and white Chaco sandals. Their tuxes were rented from JoS A. Bank This was very easy since they could pick them up where the lived or when they got to the destination and also return them there. My husband already owned his tux before our wedding but I would highly recommend it to any groom since he has worn it multiple times since then.

Do you have any questions about outfitting your bridal party? Let me know and I’d be glad to answer!




Wedding Wednesday: Designing Your Invites On A Budget

Things I never thought would be as expensive as they are: save the dates, invitations, and programs. Seriously, I was not prepared. I’m bringing you tips today to keep the cost down so you can save some coins!

Before we even took engagement pictures I knew I wanted a save the date with a photo of us on it. This is obviously not required but a personal preference of mine. This meant since we had a short engagement that we needed to take our photos soon after to get the save the dates out. Once we got the photos back from the photographer we chose the main photo together. We actually hadn’t planned for our only dog at the time, Reese, to be in more than a few photos and she ended being on the save the date because that was our favorite from the shoot. Now, I truly can’t imagine it any other way. Since we had a horizontal photo that’s where we started when designing the save the dates. There are many websites you can create your own save the date online but they get pricey very quickly. My best friend is a graphic designer and I told her what I wanted in order for her to design it. I chose gold, white, and black as the colors since those were also my wedding colors. It’s great to choose those things early on in order for everything to coordinate.


We added our wedding website to the back for people to reference. We had them printed through a printing company online. It all ended up being much more less expensive than using any website online. I highly recommend using a graphic designer and printing them yourself if possible. We sent our save the dates out about 4 months before our actual wedding since it was a destination wedding. Definitely send them out in enough time for people to make arrangements as needed. Another tip I wanted to add is leading up to sending out the save the dates buy stamps every week. Stamps do get expensive and stocking up a little at a time is a great way to slowly get what you need. Remember you will also need them for invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you notes. I promise you can never have enough stamps during this time in your life!

In keeping with the black and white theme of the wedding I choose the same colors for the invitations and RSVP cards. I opted for a simple and less formal style of invitations. My best friend also designed both of these. We chose a more modern style and wording for the invitations. Remember to include a stamp and return address for the RSVP cards. We kept a list and checked them off as they came in. We requested our cards be returned a little less than two months before the wedding date because of catering for dinner.



Programs are the one thing I really didn’t care about. I feel like everyone just throws them away. This is where I really decided to cut cost. My best friend designed these in keeping with the black and white theme. We only included the wedding party and families. Our ceremony was short so we didn’t feel the need to add the order of events. The total time was maybe 15 minutes. We printed these front and back at Office Depot for less than $30 and while I’m glad we have them I’m also glad we didn’t spend a fortune on them! ETSY would be a great place to find a graphic designer if you don’t know any personally. Many of which have very reasonable prices. This is usually where I get my Christmas cards designed and then print them myself. Let me know if you have any questions about the design process and saving money during it!




Wedding Wednesday: Picking Your First Dance Songs


The wedding planning process isn’t always stressful. Some parts of it are actually pretty fun! One of those things is choosing the songs for your first dances. Typically at the reception the bride and groom share a first dance followed by the bride and her father and the groom and his mother. Today, I’m sharing some tips for making these decisions along with my top picks for first dance songs!


Tips for pick your first dance song with your groom:

  • Make it a fun process! Turn on some music and listen/dance together.
  • Narrow it down to 3 songs before deciding on the final song. This will make it easier to choose with fewer choices.
  • Decide if the song will be played from recording or live if you have a band. We chose live since we had a band.
  • Practice dancing to the song if you want or don’t! We didn’t because we just wanted to be in the moment and not worry about choreographed dance moves. This part is strictly up to you as a couple.


My top ten favorite songs for the bride/groom first dance:

  • You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne (This was our first dance song!)
  • Beyond – Leon Bridges (This song didn’t exist when we got married but it probably would’ve been our first dance!)
  • You & Me – Dave Matthews Band
  • XO – John Mayer
  • Tupelo Honey – Van Morrison
  • When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge
  • Your Song – Elton John
  • Just The Way Your Are – Billy Joel
  • From The Ground Up – Dan + Shay
  • This – Darius Rucker


Tips for choosing father/daughter and mother/son dance songs:

  • Choose the song together with your father or mother!
  • Make it one that represents your relationship together.
  • It can be fun or serious! Whatever fits your personalities best.
  • Once you’ve chosen the song decide if it will be a recording or played live by the band if you’re having one.


My top ten picks for the father/daughter dance song:

  • Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison (This is what we used! It was so fun.)
  • My Girl – The Temptations
  • Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles
  • In My Life – The Beatles
  • Daughters – John Mayer
  • You Are My Sunshine – Johnny Cash
  • American Girl – Tom Petty
  • I’ll Be There – Jackson 5
  • You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor
  • How Sweet It Is – James Taylor



My top ten picks for mother/song dance songs:

  • Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
  • The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
  • Wonderful Tonight – Eric Calpton
  • You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins
  • What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  • Forever Young – Rod Stewart
  • You’re My Best Friend – Queen
  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye
  • Stand By Me – Ben E. King
  • Landslide – Fleetwood Mac


I hope this gave you some ideas to help you get started in the process of choosing your first dance songs! Let me know if you have any favorites in the comments!


Wedding Wednesday: Where to splurge vs. save

The wedding process can be overwhelming. Especially the monetary part of it! There are so many choices to make over the course of the planning phase and unfortunately most of them cost money. Once you’ve set your budget you can begin to make these choices both large and small. I’m sharing my opinion as a past bride on what to splurge on vs. what to save on!



  • The dress, duh! I know this contradicts my past post but I do think if spending a little more (as long as it’s in your budget) for your dream dress is well worth it.
  • The robe you get ready in the day of the wedding! I still wear mine and think it was worth every penny. It came from Nordstrom where they have a ton of great ones!
  • A special piece of jewelry, shoes etc. to wear the day of your wedding. But in my opinion, I’d only choose one of these things since you’re already going to be wearing a stunning dress! I only chose a pair of earrings as my splurge piece since I wanted my dress to shine.
  • The music for the wedding and reception. I had a violinist for our ceremony and it was worth every penny! She let me choose all the songs which was great since I didn’t use traditional wedding songs. I thought our violinist was the perfect musical backdrop to our beach wedding! For the reception had a band that played lots of 70s music which is what we both really like as a couple. The music can make or break a wedding so definitely splurge here!
  • Save the dates and invitations were worth using premium printing and paper. My best friend is a graphic designer and customized all of our stuff but if I hadn’t known one I would’ve hired one for sure! She also hand lettered all our envelopes which also worth the money to me as well.
  • Drink ware which probably just depends on the couple but we did neoprene koozies and frost flex cups with our logo on them both of which are more expensive but that was something we felt like was worth it!
  • Food is a huge one to me! Wedding dinners per head are more expensive than you could ever imagine even just for a buffet. This has been one thing I’ve known forever but still didn’t want to skimp on. We did a couple different types of fish, chicken, and sides from a local caterer. It was all delicious! I just feel like if people take the time to come celebrate you they should at least be able to enjoy a nice meal.
  • If you are having alcohol at your wedding I think it’s worth it to do the open bar. That’s what we did and we were happy with our choice. I will mention that because of county beach curfew our reception could only be until 10 pm so you probably would have to take into account how long your reception will last.
  • Photography and videography. The first one I feel like most people know but the second one I really didn’t. I was not going to have a videographer until like a month before my wedding. I just didn’t understand the need in the age of cellphones! I’m so glad I had one. I love watching our wedding video. Photos are wonderful but they still can’t capture everything! If you take one thing away from this post it should be: book the videographer!!
  • Your sendoff and whatever that entails. I knew I wanted a sparkler exit so we found the nicest sparklers that burned the longest for that. We also rented a vintage bentley and driver for our getaway car which I loved! This all made for awesome photos.
  • Transportation for your wedding party to and from the wedding location(s). This will ensure everyone is safe and on time to everything!


  • Flowers because you can do it yourself with a little help! I’m going to do a whole post on this but basically you can order them wholesale from Sam’s Club and arrange them. We did all of our flowers except my bouquet which was professionally arranged.
  • Cake and sweets since neither my husband or I care about either much. We had a smaller cake and added a topper from ETSY. I noticed that a lot of times at weddings I’ve been to they have way too many sweets period and no one is eating them.
  • Decor in general because I can promise people barely notice this stuff. I had a few hand lettered signs done by my best friend which I loved but other than that we had table runners, small flower arrangements, and a few pictures. Since we got married on the beach we wanted to let that shine through!
  • Programs because I can promise no one cares about them. We had double sided ones printed at Office Depot for less than $30. They doubled as a fan for people if needed and I’m sure most were thrown away which is totally fine because we saved here!
  • Favors which we didn’t do at all. Personally, I can’t recall one favor I got from a wedding ever. I’m sure I did but they’re just not memorable. I love a nice koozie so we had those and the cups.
  • Wedding planner because you can definitely do it on your own if you do some research! It definitely takes some organization but it can be done and is worth the money you save.
  • The venue itself which is what we did in deciding to do both the wedding and reception on the beach at a public access area that had parking and restrooms. Having everything at one location will help you save on everything in general and be easier for you and your guests.



Overall, when it comes to what to splurge on and what to save on when planning a wedding it truly depends on your personal budget and preferences. If you put your mind to it you can save on anything! Make sure to keep open communication with your partner, parents, in-laws and whoever is involved in the wedding planning process. Have questions? Leave them in the comments below!



Wedding Wednesday: Choosing The Dress

One of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process is definitely choosing THE dress. I didn’t go about doing this in the conventional way most do. I found the dress I fell in love with in VIE Magazine’s wedding edition the summer before when we were in Florida and saved it. Unfortunately, it was a Berta Bridal gown that cost over 10k and was definitely very far outside my wedding budget. Since I knew exactly what I wanted I decided not to go dress shopping and just have my dress made from scratch!

I am very blessed to have an amazing woman in my life who kept me when I was little and is an unbelievable seamstress. Ms. Charlotte Lay took my dreams and truly made them a reality. I literally showed her a photo of the dress I loved and she pieced together different patterns to create it.

She took my measurements for my custom gown and then we picked out the fabric. We needed a lot of lace for the dress and got it from Hancock Fabrics. We had to get some from other stores shipped to us since the local one didn’t have enough. During this period of time Hancock Fabrics ended up closing our local store. We had gotten our fabric just in time!


We decided to alter the original dress idea so that the V in the front wasn’t as low to keep it more modest. We also added sewn in cups to eliminate the need for a bra which I highly recommend. Spanx were also a must because of the fitted aspect of the dress to avoid a show! I highly recommend bringing the exact undergarments and shoes you’ll be wearing to every fitting. This will help your dress to fit and look the best it can on you!



Since I got married on the beach I decided to go without shoes. Definitely don’t feel like you have to wear sky-high heels! Flats are definitely an option and bare feet too! I’m not really a heels type gal so even if I had gotten married in a different setting I doubt I would’ve worn anything with much height!


Another thing I never thought I’d want for my wedding day was a veil. It’s just not something I ever saw myself wearing. I ended up deciding a few weeks before the wedding that I wanted one. We luckily had leftover lace from my dress and my seamstress was able to create one. We went with a knee-length style and I loved it. It made me feel very bridal and I would recommend having one to any bride. This would definitely be an area you could cut costs by having your veil made instead of buying it in a store.



My biggest tip of all when choosing the dress is to not let too many people have an opinion. In the end you’re the one wearing the dress and if it makes you feel beautiful on your special day that’s all that matters! Have fun with the process and know that you will be a beautiful bride! Good luck with the dress process to all my future brides. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to help!




10 Shows That Are A Must See

It’s freezing cold here! I’m talking 24 degrees. Sounds like a great time to snuggle up and get your television going. Here are some of my personal favorites and where to find them:

1. Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

I know the title sounds weird but I swear this is my favorite show of all time. It’s a show based on gangster England back in the day. Lots of action, love stories and an extremely attractive bad boy. Just trust me and give it a try!

2. Ozark (Netflix)

This show is about a family who gets into money laundering after an unfortunate incident in Chicago and moves to the Ozarks. Love the suspense and drama of this show!

3. Sons of Anarchy (Hulu)

This is one of those shows I never thought I’d like! It’s truly a crazy ride. It’s about a motorcycle gang and all that they get into. The characters and their personalities are very interesting!

4. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Netflix)

Late Chef Anthony Bourdain goes around the world and experiences the culture in a very authentic way. Loved watching him on these adventures but hate that he’s gone now.

5. Parks and Recreation (Netflix)

Funniest show ever! I never get tired of watching this. You can truly start anywhere in this series about a government parks office and it will make sense. The episodes are less than 30 minutes as well.

6. House of Cards (Netflix)

This show is one of my favorite dramas. It follows a politician and all the people in his life. It’s probably one of the craziest story lines I’ve ever watched before. You will be hooked after one episode!

7. Friday Night Lights (Hulu)

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. If you grew up in a town where high school football was king then you need this in your life! Such a great series based on the book.

8. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

A hilarious series about a family who is wealthy and loses it all and has to move into a motel. The dad from American Pie stars in this with his real life son. They actually also produce the series together!

9. Master of None (Netflix)

An actor from Parks and Rec stars in this show based on his real life. It’s extremely funny! Great for when you need a laugh.

10. Gossip Girl (Netflix)

If you haven’t seen this then what are you waiting for? I read all the books while I was in high school and although it differs from the series it’s an amazing show! It follows wealthy high schoolers on the Upper East Side and all their adventures. Get ready to have more than one crush!

Hope you found a new series to watch. Happy binging!