Wedding Wednesday: Choosing The Dress

One of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process is definitely choosing THE dress. I didn’t go about doing this in the conventional way most do. I found the dress I fell in love with in VIE Magazine’s wedding edition the summer before when we were in Florida and saved it. Unfortunately, it was a Berta Bridal gown that cost over 10k and was definitely very far outside my wedding budget. Since I knew exactly what I wanted I decided not to go dress shopping and just have my dress made from scratch!

I am very blessed to have an amazing woman in my life who kept me when I was little and is an unbelievable seamstress. Ms. Charlotte Lay took my dreams and truly made them a reality. I literally showed her a photo of the dress I loved and she pieced together different patterns to create it.

She took my measurements for my custom gown and then we picked out the fabric. We needed a lot of lace for the dress and got it from Hancock Fabrics. We had to get some from other stores shipped to us since the local one didn’t have enough. During this period of time Hancock Fabrics ended up closing our local store. We had gotten our fabric just in time!


We decided to alter the original dress idea so that the V in the front wasn’t as low to keep it more modest. We also added sewn in cups to eliminate the need for a bra which I highly recommend. Spanx were also a must because of the fitted aspect of the dress to avoid a show! I highly recommend bringing the exact undergarments and shoes you’ll be wearing to every fitting. This will help your dress to fit and look the best it can on you!



Since I got married on the beach I decided to go without shoes. Definitely don’t feel like you have to wear sky-high heels! Flats are definitely an option and bare feet too! I’m not really a heels type gal so even if I had gotten married in a different setting I doubt I would’ve worn anything with much height!


Another thing I never thought I’d want for my wedding day was a veil. It’s just not something I ever saw myself wearing. I ended up deciding a few weeks before the wedding that I wanted one. We luckily had leftover lace from my dress and my seamstress was able to create one. We went with a knee-length style and I loved it. It made me feel very bridal and I would recommend having one to any bride. This would definitely be an area you could cut costs by having your veil made instead of buying it in a store.



My biggest tip of all when choosing the dress is to not let too many people have an opinion. In the end you’re the one wearing the dress and if it makes you feel beautiful on your special day that’s all that matters! Have fun with the process and know that you will be a beautiful bride! Good luck with the dress process to all my future brides. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to help!





10 Shows That Are A Must See

It’s freezing cold here! I’m talking 24 degrees. Sounds like a great time to snuggle up and get your television going. Here are some of my personal favorites and where to find them:

1. Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

I know the title sounds weird but I swear this is my favorite show of all time. It’s a show based on gangster England back in the day. Lots of action, love stories and an extremely attractive bad boy. Just trust me and give it a try!

2. Ozark (Netflix)

This show is about a family who gets into money laundering after an unfortunate incident in Chicago and moves to the Ozarks. Love the suspense and drama of this show!

3. Sons of Anarchy (Hulu)

This is one of those shows I never thought I’d like! It’s truly a crazy ride. It’s about a motorcycle gang and all that they get into. The characters and their personalities are very interesting!

4. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Netflix)

Late Chef Anthony Bourdain goes around the world and experiences the culture in a very authentic way. Loved watching him on these adventures but hate that he’s gone now.

5. Parks and Recreation (Netflix)

Funniest show ever! I never get tired of watching this. You can truly start anywhere in this series about a government parks office and it will make sense. The episodes are less than 30 minutes as well.

6. House of Cards (Netflix)

This show is one of my favorite dramas. It follows a politician and all the people in his life. It’s probably one of the craziest story lines I’ve ever watched before. You will be hooked after one episode!

7. Friday Night Lights (Hulu)

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. If you grew up in a town where high school football was king then you need this in your life! Such a great series based on the book.

8. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)

A hilarious series about a family who is wealthy and loses it all and has to move into a motel. The dad from American Pie stars in this with his real life son. They actually also produce the series together!

9. Master of None (Netflix)

An actor from Parks and Rec stars in this show based on his real life. It’s extremely funny! Great for when you need a laugh.

10. Gossip Girl (Netflix)

If you haven’t seen this then what are you waiting for? I read all the books while I was in high school and although it differs from the series it’s an amazing show! It follows wealthy high schoolers on the Upper East Side and all their adventures. Get ready to have more than one crush!

Hope you found a new series to watch. Happy binging!



Wedding Wednesday: So you just got engaged…

So you just got engaged… congratulations! Such an exciting time full of happiness and lots of planning. I’m going to be breaking down the wedding planning process week by week every Wednesday. We planned a wedding in less than 6 months without a wedding planner. Oh, and did I mention it was a destination wedding? It can be done! I won’t be giving you a timeline or anything of that nature so these steps can take place as needed depending on the length of your engagement and planning schedule!

You’re probably overwhelmed right now. There are so many decisions to be made! The first thing you need to do is decide where you’re going to get married. I don’t even mean the venue but your hometown, another destination etc. This is a discussion you need to have with your partner and your families. Definitely take into account travel time for both sides.

Once you’ve agreed on where the wedding will take place you need to talk budget. This may involve both sets of parents or just yourself and partner if you are paying for everything. Once a budget has been set begin researching venues. Look at them online and read reviews if possible. Taking a tour would be wonderful if you’re close enough to do so! You’re also deciding if you will get married in a church and then move to another venue for a reception or if your whole wedding and reception will be at one location. If you choose two separate locations then make sure you take into account distance between them and traffic. This is one of the reasons we chose one location because the traffic where we got married on Highway 30A is awful. It would’ve taken people another hour to travel elsewhere for the reception.

Once you’ve chosen a venue you will need to decide on a date. This will depend on when the venue is available and making sure both sides are free for this time. In my opinion, setting the date is the most stressful part. It’s hard to find dates that work for everyone but can be done! We chose an unconventional day to get married, a Thursday, because it would allow people to travel home that weekend and only take off 2-3 days from work if needed. It also gave my husband and I three days after the wedding to travel back before he had to return to work that Monday.

Once your venue has been reserved and you’ve paid the deposit to secure it the next thing you need to do is choose a photographer. This is where your budget comes into play again. A lot of people don’t realize that wedding photography is a huge expense but it’s worth it. You know the saying: you get what you pay for? It’s true. If you want quality images then you need to make sure you’re choosing an experienced professional photographer. You will obviously need to make sure the photographer you choose is available on the date you want to get married. If you have your heart set on one specific photographer then you might need to work with them when choosing a date before you set it. We actually did this because we knew who we wanted to use. I highly suggest reading reviews and asking around! Stalk photography instagrams and websites.

We got lucky and had the same photographer for our proposal, engagement photos and wedding! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer I can recommend ours: Kendal Dockery-Thompson. 

Once you’ve gotten both of these huge steps accomplished give yourself a pat on the back and maybe even have a glass of vino if that’s your thing! I’ll be back next Wednesday will your next wedding planning steps. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments! I’ll be glad to try and help.



Budget Friendly Gallery Wall


A gallery wall is a great addition to any room. I have created several that are very budget friendly. Today, I’m sharing how you can get great looking gallery wall on a budget.

First, decide where your gallery wall will be located. The empty space on the wall is very important in deciding how many pieces will make up your gallery.

Next, decide if your gallery wall will consist of symmetrical or asymmetrical pieces! This part is truly just a personal preference. I like both kinds but recently have only created asymmetrical gallery walls.

If you decide on a symmetrical gallery wall you will buy pieces that are the exact same size and shape. This can often be bought as a set which makes it easy! After you purchase your pieces for the wall you will arrange them on the floor before moving them to the wall. This saves you from extra nail holes that you don’t want! When you install a symmetrical gallery wall I would suggest using a measurement tool of some sort to make sure the prices are the exact same distance apart. Hang your pieces and you are done!

If you decide on an asymmetrical gallery then you need to decide what types of pieces will be used to make it. I love mixing prints, pictures and objects. There are no rules though so feel free to get creative! When choosing pieces for an asymmetrical gallery I like to make sure I have an odd number. I feel like this makes it balance much better. After choosing your pieces you will arrange them on the floor before installing them on the wall. It may take a few times of arranging to find a combination you like best. Once you have finalized your layout you will hang them on your wall.

One of my biggest tips is purchasing items from Hobby Lobby it Michael’s and to make sure you utilize a coupon. They always have discounts available and you can get a great deal on your purchase! Also don’t be afraid to use places like Amazon or Walmart to complete your gallery. You would be surprised at the quality of products for the price that they have to offer.

I hope you’ve found this tips for creating your very on gallery wall helpful! Have fun and make it your own. Screenshot the photo below to shop these items:



Our Engagement Story

Three years has passed in the blink of an eye. I truly do not know where the time goes! January 15, 2016 was a day I will never forget. I wanted to share our story because my husband and friends did such a great job surprising me!

The week leading up the proposal I truly had no clue. Tyler didn’t act weird or do anything out of the ordinary. He mentioned wanting to take me on a date that Friday night and of course I said yes. At the time I still lived with my parents and he had his own house he had bought the previous year. A lot of times I would meet him at his house and we would go together on a date. He insisted he pick me up which he did sometimes but I wanted to meet him to see one of my best friends who was in town after dinner. I was a little annoyed but agreed.


I was getting ready that night and decided to try to do a smokey eye with my new eye shadow palette and that went terribly wrong. So wrong in fact that my mom and sister told me I should maybe start over. I’m really glad they did because I had no clue what was going to happen that night! We still laugh about that. I was running late getting ready so Tyler came inside and hung out with my parents. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thrilled with me at this point because we were on a schedule for the proposal. Finally, we went to my favorite restaurant Park Place. We had dinner and his phone kept going off. That should’ve given me a clue but I still didn’t know!

We headed to his house after dinner where my best friend was going to pick me up later that evening. We get there and insisted on going through the front door because “the garage was broken.” That was the only thing all evening I even thought was weird. We walked in the front door and I see all the decorations and future Mr. and Mrs. Griffin banner and lost it. I don’t remember what he said at all. I apparently didn’t even put the ring on or look at it when he proposed. I just started crying and couldn’t stop because I was so happy! I did ask him if he had asked my parents. He explained that he had snuck over to my parents house the week before to ask and of course they had said yes! He also revealed that when he bought the ring from Gray’s Jeweler’s he just missed me by 5 minutes. I had been in there getting a watch battery changed and called him after when I left and he was literally pulling into the parking lot! He designed the ring himself and it is beautiful. He did a great job!


Best part of the proposal? Tyler had hired a photographer to secretly capture it all. Kendal Dockery-Thompson hid and captured every moment! I am so grateful she was there to help us preserve all these memories. Guys, take notes: she wants a photographer! Kendal then let us have a moment so I could get the black mascara running down my face off. She told us to meet her out back to take some more photos.



Surprise number two! Our best friends and family were all hiding in the back to surprise us. Cue the tears again! I had no clue that they had planned this whole thing with Tyler.

We spent the rest of the evening celebrating with friends and our families. I’ve never felt more loved than this night! Still cannot believe everyone kept it a secret but so grateful they did. I truly have the best friends and family!


My sister-in-law and father-in-law! My mother-in-law was at market for her company Wine-A-Rita and we missed her so much but very grateful she helped Tyler with picking out the ring!

My best friends and the night Tyler realized he was stuck with them forever!


My family and I with Tyler!

Best night ever. Well, other than the wedding but that’s another post!




Guide to Less Chaotic Mornings

Raise your hand if you’re NOT a morning person! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ve never been one. I thought once I started working 7 years ago it would get easier. It unfortunately hasn’t for me. That’s why what I do the night before is my key to having less chaotic mornings. I don’t have children yet so if you do this might not necessarily work for you because I only have myself to get ready.

The night before

1. Pack lunch – I always bring my lunch so I make sure it’s packed the night before and ready to go in my fridge.

2. Check weather and lay out clothes – this saves so much time! I actually like to pick all my outfits for the week out on a Sunday night according to the weather and set them aside. I still look at the weather the night before to make sure it hasn’t changed. If it has I make adjustments to what I’m wearing. For example: adding rain gear or a winter coat.

3. Prepare coffee – I make sure my Keurig is ready to go with water, pods, and a mug!

4. Go to bed early – figure out what time you need to be up and count 8 hours back. That’s your bedtime. People think I’m nuts because I go to bed between 9:00-9:30 usually but I need my 8 hours of sleep!

The morning of

1. Set your alarm for 15 minutes before you need to be up – I like snoozing mine once because I can’t just pop out of bed on the first alarm. If you can then go for it! Set your alarm with something you don’t hate so you will not associate your alarm with something “bad.” For me it’s “Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles.

2. Complete your morning beauty routine – I basically just do a 5 minute face and brush my hair. Then I add my clothes.

3. Eat breakfast and drink coffee – I wouldn’t make it without eating! Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and makes you less likely to make bad choices throughout the day when eating!

4. Prayer and quiet time – I usually do this while I’m eating. Sometimes I’m rushed and I have to do it in the car but I make sure I connect with God before my day really begins. Truly makes a difference and when I don’t do it I can tell.

If I’m working out that morning I get up 30 minutes earlier and add that before I get ready. I’ve found that doing all of these things truly helps my mornings go smoother. What are some things you do to make mornings easier? I’d love more ideas! Leave me a comment below!



Fitness Gift Guide

Today I’m giving you tons of ideas for gifts for the fitness junkie in your life! Screenshot the two photos above to shop on the app and go directly to the products you’re interested in!

Resistance Band Set – workout from home with this set of resistance bands that can be used countless ways. Each color is a different strength. Easily attaches to doorways and doors in home!


NUUN Hydration Tabs – I discovered these portable electrolyte tabs that you drop into your water a few years back when I was consistently running and needed hydration for my long runs while training for half-marathons! They come in many different flavors but personally Cherry Limeade is my favorite.


Trigger point Therapy Foam Roller – I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. Foam rolling is fabulous for helping out sore muscles but it definitely isn’t the most pleasant thing to do. When I consistently foam roll I feel like am less sore and able to go harder in my workouts the next day.


Zella Socks – These socks have grips inside so they never slide while you’re working out! I need more of these because I’m always wearing them.


Invisibobble Hair Ties – The absolute best. I’ve posted about these on my blog 3 times now but they’re the only thing that keeps my hair up during a workout. A must have!



Nike Tank – I hate to have sleeves on while working out so these tanks are perfect!


Adidas Hooded Sweatshirt – Wear this to and from the gym or just for lounging! Love this color.


Scalloped Bra Top by Joylab Target – This is so cute and fun! Also comes in black and is part of a matching set.

Scalloped Legging by Joylab Target – Scallops. Do I need to say more? Obsessed with this matching set!


Adidas Gym Bag – Transport all your goods in this class duffle! Perfect size for everything you need!

Adidas Airmax – I got these shoes back in August and I’m obsessed. Fashionable and functional? Say no more!


Quilted Athletic Pullover – Loving this color but also comes in two others. Perfect for to and from yoga or running errands!


Yoga Mat – Perfect to get your flow on or for your floor exercises at the house. I’ve literally never seen a cuter mat ever!


S’Well Bottle – Loving this fashionable way to get all your water in whether at the gym, house, or work!



Outdoor Voices Set – I’m obsessed with this cute color block workout set. Perfect for yoga, spin, lifting weights, hiking etc. Be best dressed at the gym!

Maxboost iPhone X Armband – Perfect for running or a hands free workout!




Apple Airpods – How I ever lived without these I’ll never know. Goodbye annoying headphone cord that gets tangled and hello Airpods! These are on of my favorite purchases of 2018!