June Best Sellers

I cannot believe June is almost over y’all! Where has this year gone?! Today, I’m sharing my best sellers for this month on the liketoknow.it app! You can shop each of these items easily with the link below each photo.

The two piece set is SO good for $24. I’m wearing a small and hit it with a steamer before I wore it. The top runs a little big if you are smaller chested but I safety pinned it to make it work.


This swimsuit is so comfortable and it would be perfect for 4th of July. I’m wearing a small and it runs true to size. It’s $27 and the quality is incredible.


The comfiest summer sundress. I got a medium for length but would’ve been fine with a small. The straps are adjustable and it is lined underneath. These wedges have also been extremely popular this month for only $24. True to size, I’m wearing my usual 6.5 in the gray.



This romper feels like pajamas! Love the pockets and wearing a small. The waist is adjustable and it’s a good length even for someone like myself with longer legs.


I love the fit of this suit. I’m wearing a medium and it is so flattering! Not too cheeky or high cut. I was afraid the underwire in the top would be uncomfortable but I’ve worn it all day at the lake it wasn’t at all.


Last but not least, this stunner! Wearing a small and only $28. I cannot believe this dress. The quality is unreal. It comes in many colors and my eye is on lavender next.


All of this month’s best sellers are available via Amazon and most are Prime shipping. Have fun shopping y’all!



Aspen Travel Guide

Today, I’m highlighting what to see and do in Aspen, Colorado. We went in the off-season which means it wasn’t ski season or summer peak season. It’s called off-season because the weather can often be unpredictable. More about that in a moment.

Just a few days before this photo was taken it was in the 70s in Aspen. It started snowing the first evening we were there. It ended up snowing so much that they opened the skiing back up through June. We definitely were not prepared clothing wise.


We flew into Denver and got on a short 20 minute flight to Aspen. The runway is extremely short and only a few pilots are certified to fly into here. We got to Aspen above the airport and had a mechanical issue and had to go back. Apparently this happens a lot because of weather or winds that the plane can’t land and gets rerouted. Just keep this in mind if you fly in. We were supposed to arrive Thursday at 7 pm and did’t arrive until Friday at 9 am which was fine for us because we didn’t have a hotel to cancel or plans set in stone. The drive from Denver is 4 hours if that is something you’d like to opt for but the roads can be difficult at times.


We stayed at a family member’s place but if we hadn’t done that I would recommend using http://www.airbnb.com or http://www.vrbo.com to find a condo rental. The St. Regis Hotel is another great option although can be pricey depending on the season you choose.


We took a taxi from the airport and scheduled a car to pick us up for our departure. We walked everywhere we went. Ubers are almost nonexistent in the office season. Bike rentals are also available. If you stay in downtown you won’t need a vehicle.


Visit Maroon Bells. Unfortunately, there was an avalanche the week we traveled to Aspen on the road going out to Maroon Bells so it was only accessible by bicycle and you’d have to carry your bike hundreds of yards over the snow mass. We decided against that since we’re not in that great of shape. I highly advising calling the local park rangers before you visit to see current conditions. If I had done this before the day we actually wanted to visit I’d have known we couldn’t. That was a huge bummer but honestly all on me since I didn’t check before we got into town. During the summer you can actually take a bus out t

Visit shops and museums in downtown Aspen. There are so many places to explore and are an easy walk. The plus about off-season? You have virtually the entire town to yourself.

See a show at Belly Up. We saw Boombox perform one night. The reserved tickets allow you to sit in assigned seats and a waitress will come and serve you food and drinks. This is such a cool venue because literally every famous person has performed here. Their pictures are all over the walls and the date they performed.


*Matsuhisa Sushi was good! We made reservations via the Open Table app before and shared everything we ordered.

*HOPS Culture was a lunch stop one day. They have tons of local beers on tap and great bar food. The wait staff here was very nice and enjoyable to visit with!

*Jimmy’s Bar & Restaurant was a stop one evening for crab cakes and drinks before dinner. We sat in the front part in the bar area. Great view of the mountain! (Pictured a few photos above with the drink)

*Mi Chola was dinner one night. Great Mexican food and Prickly Pear Margarita’s!

*Ryno’s Pub & Pizzeria was recommended by a local. We had lunch here one day and played games in the arcade. A fun place to hang out and eat. They do pizza by the slice here and it’s huge!

*Silver City is probably our favorite bar in the town. We accidentally happened upon it too! We were leaving the concert and heard country music playing from underground and discovered it. There’s pool tables in the back and country vibes all around. We actually came here two nights because we liked it so much!

*St. Regis Hotel Bar for appetizers and drinks. It has the coziest ski lodge vibes with couches and fireplaces everywhere! The boys enjoyed an old fashioned while the gals sipped on St. Germain Spritzers. Such a nice place to relax and keep warm while it continued to snow outside!

Hope you got some great ideas for your upcoming Aspen trip! Questions about anything we did? Feel free to leave a comment so I can answer! Safe travels!



Best sellers of May

Sharing my May best sellers today! The top six things that everyone was shopping last month. The first is this palm kimono from Amazon: https://rstyle.me/+3MJEl40of_apJnPFOXBOaw

So versatile and cute! Can we yours for under $20 and at your home in 2 days.

Next is this Brixton hat! I’ve had mine for a year and it has been virtually everywhere with me. https://rstyle.me/+SXnHXrTrJoTYl7Mu2RrLlw

This swimsuit from Amazon is another crowd favorite! https://rstyle.me/+PZLMEIQDEbvKXpLOa_Qjgg

This cute swimmie was also super popular and comes in tons of prints! https://rstyle.me/+Fl3VvouMO3-DIESSBJRuKw

This belt is always popular! It’s the skinny version via Amazon and I love the color. https://rstyle.me/+id4_MYCgG3djztLh9iTF0A

Another cute pool or beach option! https://rstyle.me/+id4_MYCgG3djztLh9iTF0A

Hope you guys enjoyed these picks! I’m going to start doing best sellers every month so stay tuned for June’s later this month.



Amazon Swimsuit + Coverup Roundup

Sharing all my favorites from Amazon today! You can shop all these items via www.liketoknow.it/whenpigsflyblog This palm coverup is under $20 and I’ve worn it so many times since I got it last year.

This scalloped suit comes in a couple of colors! I’m wearing a medium but it’s plenty stretchy and I could’ve done the small as well.

My hat isn’t Amazon but it’s definitely worth $45 since I’ve worn it SO many times. Linking a similar one for $15. My cover up is a couple of years old but I found the same one for $13 except its white. https://rstyle.me/+U9SeebOBQD4xd8pA87aOqQ

Snakeskin is everything right now and I’m loving this for $20. I’m wearing a small.


This one piece is so cute as a body suit or swimsuit. I got the medium since I have a long torso but the straps are adjustable.

This was my top selling item of April. I’m in a medium and this two piece is only $15.

Another cover up that’s a few years old but still available for $13! https://rstyle.me/+r-aZRIam0jSFwE5vhpW1yw


Love this set and it comes in a ton of different colors and patterns. Sunglasses are also available via Amazon.

Questions about fit or anything else from my haul? I’ll be glad to answer if you’ll leave me a comment! Happy shopping!



Review of Dress From eShatki

I’ve found the perfect summer dress! How fun is this halter number from eShatki? If you’re not familiar with what they do I’m breaking it down for you today! When you go to their website you can select from hundreds of dress designs. Once you’ve selected a design you give them your measurements so that they can fit the dress perfectly to you!


In addition to personalized sizing, you can also customize your design! Everything from the neckline, sleeves, to length can be completely customized to your preference. I had them make this particular dress a little shorter for me.


After your dress is ordered you will receive it within 14-17 business day which is an amazing turn around for a custom made dress!

eShatki is all about making real fashion for real people and in order to make it even easier for everyone to have a custom fitting dress they offer a 33% off discount for first time customers. All you have to do is sign up on their website!

I am in love with this dress and the fit! It’s completely tailored and fitted to my measurements. Did I mention it also has pockets? It will be perfect for summer nights. Want to purchase my dress for only $46 with the discount? Click here to shop.

Have questions about eShatki dresses? Leave me a comment and I’ll be glad to answer!



Trend Spin Link Up – Ruffles & Frills

I can’t believe it’s already April! Spring is just flying by. I could certainly do without all the pollen but I sure do love the longer days and warmer weather! This week I’m participating in my first style link up with two other amazing and well established bloggers. Our theme just happens to be some of my favorite things: ruffles and frills! You can bet if something has a ruffle or bow my eye is instantly drawn to it. I just love girlie details like that!

I’m wearing this gorgeous powder blue maxi from WAYF Ruffle Maxi Gown from Nordstrom. I’m wearing small but do wish the XS had been available as I think it would’ve been a better fit for me. I lucked out and got this dress at half off. The regular price is a bit of a splurge but it’s well worth it.

I’m wearing this for my Easter dress but I think it would also be great for engagement photos or wedding guests! I also linked some similar but more affordable options in the liketoknow.it app for convenient shopping. Shop my look




Walking in Memphis / The Fashion Canvas / When Pigs Fly

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party Attire

This week we’re talking all about what you want your bridal party to wear on your special day! By now you should have chosen your color theme and will be able to work from that to select what everyone will wear.

Working with your color palette will help you decide what color or colors your dresses will be. My colors were black and white with a splash of gold accents in the decor. My bridesmaids wore black dresses from Show Me Your Mumu. They each chose the style they wanted so we ended up having four different styles total which I loved. You will need to decide if you want matching dresses or mismatched dresses which will be your personal preference! I loved the mismatched look for our laid back beach wedding and it allowed each girl to choose the dress she felt she looked best in. SMYM dresses were perfect because they’re made of wrinkle resistant fabric that allowed my girls to travel with them! Most of all I wanted them in dresses that they truly could wear again. I’ve heard from multiple girls that were my bridesmaids that they have indeed worn their dress again which makes me so happy!

The styles worn by my bridesmaids were: Kendall Maxi, Heather Maxi, Hacienda Maxi, and the King Crop + Ballgown Skirt. Let me know if you need help locating any of these! Many times you can find used ones on resale apps or websites. I purchased one in mint condition for a wedding for under $100 and was able to resell it after.

Places to find bridesmaids dresses under $200:






Places to find bridesmaids dresses under $100:





Our groomsmen wore back tuxes and bow ties with matching black and white Chaco sandals. Their tuxes were rented from JoS A. Bank This was very easy since they could pick them up where the lived or when they got to the destination and also return them there. My husband already owned his tux before our wedding but I would highly recommend it to any groom since he has worn it multiple times since then.

Our groomsmen wore back tuxes and bow ties with matching black and white Chaco sandals. Their tuxes were rented from JoS A. Bank This was very easy since they could pick them up where the lived or when they got to the destination and also return them there. My husband already owned his tux before our wedding but I would highly recommend it to any groom since he has worn it multiple times since then.

Do you have any questions about outfitting your bridal party? Let me know and I’d be glad to answer!